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Digitally Transform Your Business

Dynamics Core Partners are experts in providing small-to-medium sized businesses with solutions that allow you to digitally transform your business. Offering fully configurable and customizable ERP solutions, software development, and affordable and scalable managed IT services, our team will help you improve your operations and enhance your customer relationships.

ERP Solutions that allow your business to scale and grow

Dynamics Core Partners is a trusted Microsoft Cloud solutions provider (CSP) with over 70 years of combined experience implementing, configuring and supporting ERP solutions.

We help you grow your small-to-medium sized business by implementing solutions that allow you to:

  • Scale your business by automating processes
  • Improve productivity and efficiency through enhanced reporting
  • Upgrade your existing ERP to new cloud-based solutions and manage your processes from your fingertips
  • Implement powerful reporting capabilities that turns your raw data into useful information

Through our personal-touch customer service, we get to know your business challenges, so you feel supported and ready to fully-transform your business.  Whether you need ongoing support for existing Microsoft solutions or want to upgrade to Dynamics 365, we are there to help install, implement, train and provide all the ongoing support you require to take your business to the next level.

Our Solutions


Nav is a legacy Microsoft solution with substantial capabilities. It manages multidimensional finances, allowing companies to manage fixed assets, revenue and expense allocation. It can also automate workflows, plan and forecast projects, and includes a host of project management tools. Our team offers support to clients working on this system.


D365 Business Central

D365 is our core offering. Designed for business managers, sales managers and production planners, D365 Business Central is a fully configurable ERP cloud solution that allows you to manage accounting, measure KPIs, create workflows and manage projects. As a cloud-based ERP, this solution allows you to manage your business at your fingertips, wherever you are and whenever you need.


Here’s some examples of how our solutions can help you:

Assets Management

Track maintenance, costs, utilization, status and location of assets such as tools and equipment

Human Resources

Enhance management of HR processes, payroll, employee databases, and company policies

Material Tracking

Generate material tracking reports (MTRs) for complete traceability and efficient management of materials


Automate production orders, resource planning, materials, workflow, expenses, scheduling, quality control, and more

Procurement / Supply Chain Management

Manage suppliers, purchase orders and delivery dates

Project Management

Optimize project planning, process flows, resource planning, and task management 

Project Costing & Contract Management

Improve workflow management, as well as budget tracking, project tasks and purchase orders